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  1. Joe Garcia says:

    People go to obamacare care because they do not want to get find ,not because they believe in the care package, also people in Jefferson,County were are main work around here is refinery and port work NO ONE wants obamacare, are the government telling us how and what to do like the communist do in there country the government was made to make sure these type of rules do not happen.

    • Daniel Wolk says:

      Your poor, almost incoherent English is consistent with your utter lack of understanding of the Affordable Care Act. The act gives you MORE choices, not less. As health-care is now, the insurance companies tell you what to do. Under the ACA, they will have less power to tell you what to do. ACA is less communist than the existing system.

      • Lief says:

        well said Daniel

      • Sherman says:

        I actually believe that Joe Garcia is a pseudonym for some ill-informed Tea-Party indoctrinaire who chose an Hispanica name as deception suggesting Hispanics–one of the most financially strained groups of Americans and among the most in need of affordable Health Insurance, would be opposed to the Affordable Health Care Act because the government is “imposing” it. Unless he’s a follower of Senator Ted Cruz’s father’s “ministry” and the views of others like Congressman Rubio, who knows? Maybe he is Latino albeit just as obtuse as those I’ve mentioned.

      • Mike says:

        Good show, Daniel. You saw the same thing I did. These stupid jerks need to be put in their place.

      • Sabreen60 says:

        Oh please. NO ONE has to go to the ACA website. Go ahead and get your crappy insurance on your own. You’re absolutely correct – that’s your right. FYI, all employers DO NOT offer insurance. Many small businesses don’t. Some larger employers offer policies that employees can’t afford. Doctors have been complaining for YEARS that insurance companies tell them which medications they can prescribe; which test they can order for their patients e.g. you must get an x-ray before an MRI, even though the x-ray is NOT going to show what’s wrong. I suggest you do some independent reading (that does NOT include the propaganda on FOX or hate radio).

      • Josh says:

        Thanks Daniel for your input. Unfortunately there are lots of selfish ignorant individuals, like Mr Joe Garcia, that only carry snippets of misinformed messages. All we can do, is try to understand their lack of knowledge on such important Act

    • POLITUSIC says:

      Joe, if you don’t want healthcare, fine. That’s your choice, but not understanding a government program doesn’t give a group of people a right to call it communist. We went through that argument dozens of times in this country and it always fails, and please take not that every time people in media shout communist, socialist, and un-American at you, they are also trying to sell you a product or donate money. Those who hate the ACA the most tend to understand it the lease. So, too, with all the other benefits they receive from “the evil” government.

      Just as Ronald Reagan called Medicare a socialist program that would destroy the country, the far right is doing it again with the ACA. And did you notice how Ted Cruz stole Reagan’s line, “Tell our children of the time when men were free”? That’s a quote from the old record that Reagan recorded calling Medicare a socialist program that would destroy America – Destroy America… which is a very, very popular theme in the far right. Why is that, do you think? As we all now know, however, as President of the United States Reagan worked to embrace and improve what he before said would be the end of Freedom. Interesting how that didn’t happen, isn’t it? Oh, and if you’re wondering: Medicare *is* government, and it *is* socialist in nature. So is Social Security. So is a home mortgage tax deduction, and a child tax credit. So are farm subsidies. So are roads. All of those are socialist-style systems, and none of them destroy Freedom of capitalism: they make it all more stable.

      Once all of the insanity surrounding the hate of the current President subsides, even the population of Jefferson County will – like Reagan – begin to understand what it is. Many already enjoy parts of it that they don’t even know are parts of Obamacare. If Reagan embraced Medicare, you will will the ACA as well. The far right is just very caught up in fear and anger right now to see that right now.

      • TexasCajun says:

        It is always refreshing to see intelligent, logical, well presented information in comments and Politusic, I couldn’t agree more with your post. In my most humble opinion, it is the less informed, or those who are so entrenched in their ideology that they are unable to see reason, even when presented with fact, who are the first to respond with unreasonable, inaccurate information; ideas which, if they were to come to fruition, would bring and end to this country, its fiscal house, the government, and total world financial collapse.

    • Jean Lipscomb says:

      Joe Garcia (if that’s really your name). I can guarantee that you have NOT ONCE downloaded the affordable care act and READ IT!

      You say such RIDICULOUS nonsense that if it were not for the ignorance it would be LAUGHABLE~~~
      Grow up.. you have no basis for ANYTHING you say!!
      Grow UP!!

    • Patricia says:

      you and the people of Jefferson county have bee sold a lie by the detractors of the affordable care act. That’s Obamacare to you. If you are working class, but do not get adequate insurance from your employer or don’t get health insurance at all, you NEED the protections of the affordable care act. You will get better coverage and probably at a lower cost. But if you’d rather had poor quality coverage that does provide basic benefits (not even prescriptions or preventative care)at exhorbitant prices, then stick with the coverage you have. I’ve been on the exchange. The options are better (more choice) and the prices for the most part are much lower. Call me crazy, but I’d rather pay less for more.

    • Mary E. says:

      Speak for yourself, Joe Garcia. You do not speak for EVERYONE!!

    • Steve Brodie says:

      Dear “Joe Garcia”: please don’t think your silly & obvious attempt at ungrammatical English convinces anyone that you are a real person. You lie about ACA & the people of Jefferson County, & you mock fellow citizens who haven’t yet mastered their new language. Listen, bro, they are more American & patriotic than you will ever be. Your new friend, Steve

    • Sherman says:

      Listen up, Jose: The Affordable Care Act is based on a Republican-inspired health-insurance plan. It is neither “comunistic” or “socialistic” inasmuch as the insurance is being offered by the very same private-sector insurance companies that previously could deny you coverage if you had a pre-existing condition, would place life-time limits on how much they would pay for your health-care, would require that your children be removed from your plan when they reachd 21 years of age, and charged women higher premiums simply because they are women. It doesn’t seem to me that you have any understanding of what is being offered to over 30 million Americans who have no health insurance. The government also offers Medicare and Social Security which you pay for while you work. Are those “communist programs”? Consider that Social Security and Medicare are run by the goverment whereas the Affordable Care Act is a LAW requiring minimum standards for PRIVATE insurance companies. I’d be interested to know why you think this is a bad idea. If you don’t want health insurance and you get sick, it will be people like me who will have to pay for your health-care through our taxes. And you will have to pay for those who hate “Obamacare”. Become better informed, will you please?

    • C Rose says:

      Hey Joe, just wondering who elected you to speak for everyone in Jefferson County? You must be quite the important person there. Are you the smartest, most educated person in Jefferson County? I really hope not, considering your grammar and spelling. Maybe you are just the wisest person in Jefferson,County… ROFL
      One thing clear, you must think you are something special.

    • Nat Wilson says:

      It’s clear to me that you don’t know what Obamacare is. My guess is that you already have insurance. Why do you care?

    • Justin Adams says:

      Hello there, Mister Garcia.

      That sentence made no sense.

      And this isn’t grammar nazism. I mean that your argument is irrational.

      1.) Our government wasn’t designed to stop communism from happening.

      2.) guaranteeing the right to life regardless of wealth or social position is not an inherently communist idea. It is in fact directly in keeping with the founding principles of our nation .

      3.) If a person doesn’t want Obamacare they can pay for insurance via some other means. It is not mandatory, it is only mandatory that your life be insured.

      4.) Referring directly to ‘Jefferson County’ is irrational. If you don’t like your local government’s handling of Obamacare implementation then complain to the local government to follow a model closer to California’s or New York’s or some other state where it is actually working well.

      5.) People go to Obamacare because they need insurance. If they are refusing to buy their insurance and even qualify to be fined it is because they are not suffering a financial burden for having it. If they do not want insurance through Obamacare they can pay for it via some other network. It is not MY responsibility to pay for YOUR medical care. I pay my taxes and part of those taxes includes the costs of upkeep on government programs, but when you refuse to insure yourself and get injured it is the tax payers that suffer the massive burden of paying that. If a person qualifies to be fined if they don’t have insurance, then they can afford it. If they can afford it and are simply gambling on whether they get injured or not I am sorry, but I do not agree to pay for their foolishness with my money.

    • Edward Johnson says:

      Every one in every developed nation is suppose to have health care benefits. Look at Canada and other European countries, every one has healthcare benefits. Why is it that only in America that people are against Obamacare some thing that is good for every one? Yet we want the world to look at us as super heroes. Obama has done the greatest thing that no one has ever done by giving health care to every one its just being human to do what he has done..He is a good man with a good conscience.
      Republicans and the tea party are not for the poor people and we all know that. U take billion of dollars from insurance companies because u are lobbiest to kill health care reform .U can oppose it but u will not stop it.Republicans in washington lives on federal income with good health care benefits and yet they are the ones opposing and trying to stop people from not having health care. They are hypocrites and we will not vote for them because we are paying every attention on the dirty games they play in Washington.

    • kimbakat says:

      Way to articulate Joe! Meanwhile, we have co workers that have to pay individually because the company does not supply health care. He WAS paying $900 a month for his family…Once OBAMACARE kicked in…the insurance companies were now forced to actually provide AFFORDABLE CARE and proper coverage….he is now paying $400 a month for MORE COVERAGE.

      Now..with that extra $500 a month..don’t you think he can now purchase more services and goods…and if you were a business owner…wouldn’t you want your customers to have actual money that they can now buy your goods and services.

      These republtards are complete dumbasses..when it comes to the big picture. They really don’t research or investigate anything then talk out of their asses!!

    • SJohnson says:

      Really, Joe? You didn’t ask me. I’m thrilled with Obamacare. How many people did you poll? None? One? Your family and friends? I’m afraid you don’t come across as very credible.

    • JR says:

      That’s Bull crap, I pay $40.00 month now for the same coverage Cobra offers at $400.00+
      Get a life my human dummy!
      Are you a rich human bummy? Most likely not…how does it feel to cut your own throat?????

    • Sassie Lou says:

      Sorry to hear most blue states where we dont have fucktard politicians spending 100% of their time fighting healthcare and screwing their own citizens over for a goddam handout by the corproations. We blue states enjoy cheaper rates with more coverage along with an exploding economy on miniumum wage increases.

      I’m sorry you have voted red for so long and that your state is out of your control…but we enjoy these services, rights and priviledges…because we get what we vote for.

      I suggest you revisit your politicians background to see how they are fighting against your access to the AHCA and who is paying for their campaigns…. and double check you next voting ballot.

    • Sassy lou says:

      You could not be MORE WRONG. We have a lot of freelance, third party or small business owners in NY who work for us and provie our company valuable services. We cannot provide health care for them. We have someone who works for us who pays directly to a health care company for his benefits. This is the most expensive no option thing you will pay for just under rent. He HAD to pay $800 a month to insure his family of 3. But as of OCT 1, because of the new laws and regulations they had to offer him MORE COVERAGE at half the cost!!! THAT is what WE call regluation and control as it SHOULD BE for necessary services for keeping life healthy and affordable for all. THAT is what the Affordable Health Care Act does. Unfortunately, if you watch FOX news you wouldn’t know that and if you are more unfortuanate to live in a RED state your local government is not expanding medicare and medicaid benefits to your own. YOU LOOSE!!! and you will FAIL as a state and a people….look at how miserably failed Kansas is. Those citizens voted against their own best interest FOR YEARS…but when you are kept will vote stupid!!! You will not prosper under unregluated capitalism. NO ONE DOES..not even the companies. If our customers don’t have money. WE FAIL as a company. This is why WAL MART employees can’t even afford to buy their own shit they sell. It’s a model for DISASTER. What’s more of a disaster…if you can’t afford to see a doctor. EPIC FAILURE!!!!

  2. rebecca says:

    Who should all us people out here on socil security call to keep us in our homes and fed?? I am 64 and have a mentally handicapped son, water,electricity,,everything for life out here.

    • Sassy lou says:

      That’s right Social Security is your LAST CHANCE SALOON! Companies rely on your check and that income to help their companies survive. It is SO important also for your community that you and your family can afford to stay in a home or an apartment on not be sitting on the side of the road. Homelessness breeds crime and thus lower property values. It is the one thing we ALL have to fall back on when unregulated economies destroy communities. A lot of hard working responsible people lost their home values in 2006-2008 when banks went unregulated. A lot of homes and properties were abandoned..leaving those properties unmanaged and falling apart…devaluing your neighbors homes too!! EVERYONE LOST..except the bankers. It’s the same story since 1930-1939 – Which is the VERY REASON we invented Social Security. It helps when bankers and politicians RUIN EVERYTHING!!!! AND it’s a chronic cycle…about ever 40 years. 1930, 1975, 1989, 2008. But go ahead blame dumbfucks..this all happened before he was born..and before he was even in the Senate…but go ahead keep thinking that. You deserve what you have voted for.

  3. rebecca says:

    Who should all us people on social security call for our house payments and food ,utilities,ect?? I am 64 and have a 38 yr old mentally handicapped son.

    • Wolfy says:

      I distinctly remember when republicans started believing the propaganda and “talking points” coming down from the RNC and others like Limbaugh. I suppose it’s hard to get someone to fall for a series of bald-faced lies, if you clearly don’t believe them yourself.

  4. rebecca says:

    are members of congress being paid now while so many are not??

  5. rebecca says:

    Ever think maybe typo,,,or that not everyone agrees with you? We can all say and think and believe what we reason criticizing any1.

  6. Patricia says:

    To Joe Garcia… Do you even know what is in Obamacare? The ACA is insuring that everyone has minimum standard of care. You get FREE preventive care; your children 26 and under can stay on your policy; there is no lifetime cap on how much your insurance company will pay; you can’t be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition; All these things you pay for now. And you pay a lot. The “donut hole” for the senior drug prescription program has been closed. If you have insurance, you should be able to keep it under this program, even if it’s a bad policy that’s up to you.

  7. Mike says:

    Melissa Tomlinson, you speak for hundreds of thousands of teachers across the country who are beginning to fight back against bullies and reformers who are hijacking the profession and the public education system. You are a badass teacher to the bone and we are so proud of your courage. ^0^

  8. Mary E. says:

    Joe Garcia,
    You do NOT speak for EVERYONE!! there are many of us who like and want ACA (look it up!!). You are not authorized to speak for me.

  9. Mary McGuire says:

    Wish everyone would quit calling it ObamaCare. It is the Affordable Care Act.

  10. K Klemm says:

    If they want more people enrolled, why can’t insurance agents get in to the site. We have many people waiting! We can only assist and hope they put our # in for the reduced commission. Is it a money thing? Think so. 50,000 for how many states is not much! Revenue for the companies or what else? Please ask, only saw once on your news to call agents, now I know why.

  11. Kirsten Davis says:

    Really upset that Martin Bashir was forced to resign for speaking the truth. Sarah Palin has long displayed a remarkable degree of ignorance and her comment about slavery should have been called out. Mr. Bashir’s comments were perhaps a little over the top, but he did apologize. Much worse comes from the mouths of Palin, Limbaugh and O’Reilly every day.

  12. JJ Gorsic says:

    Couldn`t expect anything less than democratic rabid posters here under the MSNBC-Crap banner.

  13. Rick Curtis says:

    Does it make any sense to pay $850 a month for Obamacare when you can op-out for only $170 a year. Yes, people are stupid, but are they that stupid they well pay $10,200 a year for Obamacare to avoid a $170 dollar annual tax to op-out of it.

    • Sassy lou says: WAS $800 a month for individual/family policies BEFORE the ACT was passed….if you did get it through employment it was much lower. NOW…. the new regulations under the AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE ACT You can now pay $150-$400 a month depending on the individual or family plan..or that state you live in..If it is a RED STATE expect to pay more because your local politicians were voted in by you against your own best interest……so you are VERY WRONG about what people are paying..especially in BLUE states where we ROCK for EVERYONE!!!!!!!

  14. Tim says:

    Another shamefully under informed mouth breather parroting the talking points from the repetitive Fox News foxhole. I am almost saddened as much as I am angry about those in this country that vote against their own interests and refuse to do even a minimal amount of perfunctory fact checking on what is broadcast to enable themselves to formulate an intelligent opinion. Dont kid yourselves folks, there’s a whole bunch of dummies out there that let their hatred of a black President open the floodgates to their vapid minds to the rest of he teabaggery bullshit. Keep these morons in your peripheral vision, folks.

  15. Bea Rouse says:

    #1 question for Gov. Christie (aka “Col. ‘I see nothing’ Klink”)”
    The traffic fiasco went on for four days! What did you do on Day 1 when you heard of it? Day 2? Day 3? even Day 4? If Christie “knew nothing,” the Christie everyone knows would have asked questions and demanded answers immediately when it happened. Instead, he joked about it days later saying he “worked the cones, wore a jumpsuit and worked the cones.”
    I’m not buying his claim of innocence

  16. Gustafson says:

    Mr. Garcia,
    It amazes me that you able to function in this country, being that your comment is living proof that the education system you attended failed to even teach you the most fundamental lesson of “critical thinking” ….educate yourself before you attempt to make incoherent comments, and maybe a little history education on what is “Socialist, Communist, and Democracy” is, as you seem to have no clue what any of these are….Learn to do some “Critical thinking” on your own and stop listening to the teapublican’s propaganda, because it’s showing like a beacon in the night!
    Ignorance is not bliss!

  17. Mel J. Fleming II says:

    The ACA is exactly the same legislation, originally written by MITT ROMNEY, almost “word for word.” It passed in MA by a landslide. Stop throwing out these buzzwords such as “socialist, and communist” spreading ignorance and fear.

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